Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Netflix's Phone-only support

Until recently, I had the 6-at-a-time Netflix account. I've become rather busy and just don't have the time to watch those DVDs anymore; they just sit around my place collecting dust. I didn't even watch the last batch I had, which sat around for probably a month.

So I dropped my Netflix account down to the online-only service. Well, now you've gotta send those DVDs back with 7 days after your previous subscription expires. I've just been sitting on them anyway, so I opened and resealed the DVDs I had, and put them in the mailbox.

Netflix kindly sent me the next DVDs in my queue, since I still have time on the previous month's subscription. Since I don't have time to watch them anyway, I'll just send them right back without ever removing the DVDs from their envelope.

I don't have a huge complaint about that whole process. It would've been convenient if they had a way for me to say "don't ship me anymore DVDs". I'm not aware of a way to do so, but that's OK... minor annoyance.

One way for me to stop them from shipping me new DVDs is to clear out my queue. Now, I have a full DVD queue plus a handful of saved movies; nearly 500 in total. Problem: There is no "Delete All" button, you have to click 500 little delete buttons. (This also seems to cause the queue to throw JS errors occasionally.)

Now it won't help me right now, but maybe someone (me?) could benefit from a Delete All button in the future if it were implemented. So I hit the "contact us" button looking for a place to fire off a suggestion. That's when I found out there's no way to email Netflix, they only have phone support.

I don't actually want to talk to anyone. I want to send a suggestion. A quick missive "Can you please add a 'delete all' button to the queue?"

An email can get forwarded around; hopefully to a UI team that could implement the feature at some point in the future.

So, Netflix: Sometimes email is better. I'd rather have a choice.

In the meantime, I guess @netflixhelps will have to do. Just keep suggestions to less than 140 characters.

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