Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Basic Motorcycle Safety

So I've been going through the work to get a motorcycle, and I was reviewing the Hurt Report findings. I'd recommend going over them yourself, but here's the short-short version for my own reference and yours:
  • Cornering and intersections are deadly.
  • At intersections, expect oncoming traffic to turn in front of you.
  • Under/overbraking are common in the moments preceding an accident - get a bike with ABS/practice emergency stop drills.
  • Be as conspicuous as possible. Orange, yellow, and red colored clothing, helmets, and bike colors are a Good Thing. Keep your headlights on.
  • Wear a full face or modular helmet. Leathers will help you keep your skin where it belongs.
  • Take a motorcycle safety class.
  • Pay attention!
These basic rules cover such an overwhelming percentage of accidents, and they're so simple to follow. Unless you're trying to give your organs away, follow them.