Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fall harvest

My pumpkin vine is looking pretty bad after a really cold night, so I decided I'd better pick the pumpkins. I also harvested the butternut squash while I was at it.

I'll include the pics of some of the corn I harvested earlier this year. The corn, by the way, is called Mirai sweet corn. It's a variety that produces extremely sweet ears, there was much rejoicing about it's taste. I actually harvested 6 ears of corn. I would've had more, but a lot of the seeds didn't germinate. I think that's because the soil was still a little 'raw' and the seeds didn't get enough water to germinate.

Four of the six:

These three went to friends. I ate another recently.

Today's harvest:

I still have a few pumpkins on the vine that aren't quite ready yet, we'll see if they survive the weather.

Here are the current stats from the garden:
Pumpkins - 89lbs
Butternut Squash - 20.5lbs
Corn - 6 ears

Update 2010-01-01:
The weather killed off the rest of the vines, so I had 5 pumpkins and two butternut squash that didn't fully develop. I did manage to harvest 1 more 9.5lb pumpkin, bringing the total to 98.5lbs.

Ah well, the rabbits and chickens won't mind the leftovers.