Friday, September 25, 2009


The Smore meets the Rice Krispy Treat.

1 jar of jet puffed marshmallow creme
1 brick of graham crackers
1 cup of chocolate chips, room temp
1 stick of butter

Crush the graham crackers (a plastic bag and rolling pin work wonderfully). Mix the marshmallow creme, graham cracker crumbs, and chocolate chips. It'll be somewhat stiff, but get the mixture to be fairly homogeneous. Melt the stick of butter in a separate bowl, I nuked mine for 1 minute and it was boiling a bit when I pulled it out. Pour the hot butter into the mixture and stir, it should start to stir more easily. At this point, the result should have a texture a lot like Floam.

Put it in the fridge to solidify.

The whole process takes, literally, 5 minutes or so.

Try different kinds of chips, peanut butter is particularly good.